How to i connect my xbox to my pc?

Hi guys, i just got an xbox and i want to link it to my pc to play my files and also connect to live liva my pcs wireless adaptor..

I have a yellow ethernet cable connected, it finds my ip adderss but not my dns or something

any ideas or suggestions? Im running xp by the way!

I also went onto media playe and ticked allow sharing but the xbox wasnt on the list...


Original Poster

still doesnt work....

heres the error codes

network adapter -wired
ip address confirmed
dns- failed

dns lookup status: a dns server could not be reached.

Please verify the dns settings for this network

configuration. This test varifies that your console

can contact or isp's dns server. If your console does

not pass the test:

verify that your console has passed the ip confirmed

test. If your ip address is not confirmed, your

console cannot pass the dns test

If your ip address is confirmed and your using a

router or gateway, ,ake sure that you can browse the

web from a computer on the same router or....

W; 0000 - 000B
X: 0000 - F001
Y: 0000 - 0000
Z: 8015 - 1904
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