how to increase battery life on my nc10

    does anyone know how to increase battery life.i get around 4-5hours but i want to know can i get more and if so how


    stick a mains adaptor in it, simples


    larger battery? 6 cell 9 cell blahdy blah

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    no i want to know if there is a way of increasing battery life with the existing 6 cell


    have you googled a software solution?

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    i googled it but could not find anything good

    Turn screen brightness down, alter power settings so it shuts the power down to the screen/hard driver sooner when idle, etc.

    What OS are you using? I have a N130 and Windows 7 lasts 6-7 hours compared with 5-6 on XP.

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    using xp

    New wireless card (Intel 5300 / 535) & New hard drive (5k500.b 500GB drive uses less power) would probably nock 2w off the power consumption - install BattStatt to check yours.

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    whats battsatt

    An application that will tell you how much power your laptop is using (only works off the mains).

    Got my NC10 running ~7w idling in Windows 7 with a new HDD and WiFi card.
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