How to install new Gcam 8.7 in all Android phones

Posted 13th Jan 2023
Title is self explanatory. Here is the link…es/
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    Nice! Def legit sources and no malware? I normally get stuff like that from XDA developers.

    Woud be nice on my mi 10t lite (edited)
    What I like all the more is is you just download the APK (I know what people will think, from unknown source and all that) and just install it (without having to save file in certain folder etc.) Enjoy. (edited)
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    Judging by the amount of fails already commented on, I'll not waste my time testing it
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    It does not work on my Samsung S21 Fe 5G.
    I can see it activates recording and the icons just flash at the bottom.
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    Installed it on my Samsung Note 10+ and it also does not work, takes a picture and then force closes
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    Installs but does not open on Huawei P30 pro.
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    Installs but doesn't work Mate 20 Pro
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    crap. didnt work on galaxy note 9
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