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Posted 18th Aug 2013
My son plays football a lot and does go through a few pairs of boots however I am wondering what is the best way to keep them fresh?
He cleans them after every use and if they get damp/wet he puts newspaper in them but they still smell horrible!!

I bought him a new pair,quite expensive ones last month as he was going away to Ireland for a tournament and noticed this week that they smell disgusting as well.
He does use them at least 4 times a week but was hoping that they wouldn't be as bad as that. They are currently sitting outside with dry cloths in them sprinkled with tea tree oil.
Is there any other way to make sure they don't whiff? As said he does play a lot and goes through a lot of boots but was hoping the new ones would last a while!!

Any advice appreciated,by the way his feet are fine smell wise lol its just the footie boots
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