How to keep pizzas warm...........?

To all you cooks and brainey types out there I need help in keep some pizzas warm to take to a party. I know they can't be kept hot but if anyone has any suggestions to stop them from turning hard a cold I'd be very grateful. Im looking at a 40 minute trip, and I also need advise on the best way to transport them, I have six 12inch pizzas.

A weird request I know but others may also find it useful.


pizza delivery people use insulated bags so a cool bag without the ice packs? , maybe you could ask your local pizza place to sell you some of the boxes they use?

Order it from domino's before you leave. you might get a Buy one get 2nd half price deal.
It takes about 40 minute to arrive.


**minimum safe distance 3 metres**


the best way is Straight from OVEN to box and wrap each BOX in Kitchen foil. transport it under the blanket (also best if kept in little suitcase, Zipped).

I worked for Domino's and Pizza Hut - they don't just use insulated bags - they have a hot plate under each that we recharged in the shop after each delivery.

Make donthaveone's blanket suggestion an electric blanket!

How about part-cooking and sticking it in the oven for ten minutes when you arrive... after 40 minutes (I did get lost a few times) the pizza wasn't hot!

tape them to your car bonnet lol

take a microwave with you - they are so light now and fit in the boot, everywhere has sockets- problem solved

you could get some of those hand warmers/heat packs and wrap them with the pizza in some foil, that should keep them warm....


when cooked wrap in foil then ues a hot water bottle?

Put them down your trousers?

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many thanks for all the replies both amusing and useful. I think a combination of a box, hot water bottle, foil, wrapped in an old towel should be enough to stop them from turning hard. I'll let you know how things go in a few weeks time.
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