How to label axis in excel?

    I want the years 1997-2007 along the x axis and the grams of fruit up the side.

    As you can see on the x axis is 1-11, how do I change this? In addition, how do I add a title and labels to both the x and y axis.

    Rep to all helpers.



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    Just right click on the chart and choose 'Chart options' you should be able to do everything in there

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    Btw I'm talking about the red column graph down the centre.

    Select chart tools at the top, and then you will have options to add axis labels etc

    I just checked for you, after you select the chart tools tabs, the options for adding titles are in the layout section.

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    I still can't change the x axis from 11-11 to 1997-2007... I'm useless.

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    to change 1 - 11 to 1997 -2007:

    Right click on the chart
    Click "Select Data"
    Point the "CATEGORY axis value" to the coloumn/cells containing the year value (i.e. 1997 - 2007) - you need this coloumn, if you dont have it yet, make one

    to add labels to both axis is quite long to tell

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    Thanks for the replies. Rep all round!
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