How to link my PC/Laptop to the TV? anyone help please?

    I know I am a dunce where technology is concerned but I gotta learn somehow so hoped you guys could help me?
    I want to link the computer to the TV-it is a new Dell laptop and a new LG LCD. I believe from the 4od site I need a VGA and an audio lead but which one is the right one and where to get it?
    Thanks a lot in advance, Louloo


    depends on the conection you have on your laptop and tv, you have to look for the correct conector/adaptor
    (e.g from your VGA to scart, VGA to RCA/composite, VGA to S-VHS)
    2 give you idea, there are a lot on ]e*b*y

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    Thanks for the reply!! it has a vga on the laptop and a vga on the tv but are there different kinds-I am confused with the male and female bit too...

    this is female
    this is male

    usually the display out from laptop is a female one, dunno bout the tv input. (if also female, you need a cable with male VGA at both end, and so on)

    as for audio, i wont bother. Just stick your best speaker into the headhone socket of your laptop

    r u sure there isnt an RCA/composite jack on your TV?


    this is female this is male r u sure there isnt an RCA/composite jack on … this is female this is male r u sure there isnt an RCA/composite jack on your TV?

    second one is not a vga cable its a 9pin serial, your lg tv will have come with a vga lead at least my friends did.
    attach it to the connector on tv and pc that looks like top picture should be all you have to do other than boot pc and switch to pc channel on tv

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    it has an rgb in and the audio at the side of says under those pc

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    i have tried looking for rgb vga on fleabay and still am no wiser-lol


    second one is not a vga cable its a 9pin serial,

    oops my bad... thanks... i didnt count the pins haha..
    but you get the idea.. the male has sticks/pins instead of holes

    There are a lot of VGA to RGB like here…g=p

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    ok at least i get the male female
    Is it the best way to connect cos looking at the leads available should we be connecting directly to tv or through the dvd player/recorder? Thanks all for your patience!!!!!!!!

    why would you connect it though the dvd player?

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    i told u im dim with technology

    Why not buy this as in theory it should work:…723

    Its well cheap for the price too.

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    ok i got it now-Thanks to all who replied!!! I need a vga to vga-and have looked and [url][/url] have them cheap too!!! Thanks!!! Louloo

    Hi Louloo, I'm using my LG telly as a monitor, there was a VGA to VGA cable included in the box. Have you checked?

    If you're still stuck then posting a picture of the back of the TV and the ports on the laptop will help people to suggest the best way.

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    oh thanks chrysha will check!!! i am stupid sorry..


    oh thanks chrysha will check!!! i am stupid sorry..

    You're welcome. Good luck. And I'm sure you're not stupid - I went off to buy a VGA to VGA lead and it was only when I discovered they were £30 in Curry's that I checked in the box!

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    and we cant find it but found one locally for £5.95 at a comp shop-called and went to collect but he had shut early anyway i have got one on freecycle!! didnt mind paying for it but I guess they are really throw away things and really common to have lying around? except not in our house lol
    Thanks all for your help tho-and anytime I can help you guys let me know? just dont ask me about computers eh?? Louloo


    i told u im dim with technology

    dont worry, a lot of us are ... glad youve solved it
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