How to lock this?

Found 29th May
2946982-EPf1G.jpg Have one of these style storage boxes but it's not lockable now as the plastic has split. How can I make it secure please?
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Chain around the handles attached to a padlock

Failing that bolt some eye holes on the roof and on the sides and use a chain and padlock on each side to loop the chain through the eye holes.

Use a backing plate which is larger width than the eye hole bracket to enable it to spread pressure across the roof/wall if pulled.

For example:

6mm Stainless Steel Square Eye Plate

Bulk Hardware BH01881 Medium Link Chain, 3 x 21 mm, 1 m Length - Galvanised

Above shown as example of a method of doing this, please check sizes measurements and suitability of your product to fix this before attempting it.

Example of similar method I used on my shed to fit this:




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cmdr_elito1 m ago

Chain around the handles attached to a padlock

Yeah. That will hold them up for 10 seconds
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2 of these on the top/front…h=1 1 at either side split the difference and space them equally, bearing in mind not to give the opportunist a pinch point to lever it open.

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Drill four holes, one in each top panel and two in the front panel, near centre front. Get a bike lock with a plastic covered chain. Pass it through holes and lock it.
wayners45 m ago

Yeah. That will hold them up for 10 seconds

Lol it’s easy to just smash the flimsy plastic anyway, if they have an angle grinder they will just cut a hole in it anyway. It’s all about slowing them down a little bit, a determined thief will get into anything no mater how strong it is.
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wayners46 m ago

Yeah. That will hold them up for 10 seconds

they can carry the box away if they want it
Blow lamp on plastic. Silent to.
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IF its locked, kinda suggests to thieving "baskets"(!) something worth nicking inside, sad world, but true...

Stick something like this on the outside
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