how to login to tesco clubcard site without email address/password

Found 14th Nov 2010
when i go to forgot password and enter my email add,they don't send any password.
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i checked it few times not only once,n also i am sure i had used it may be a month or so ago,n i have to enter my card number and postcode only,but dono where i did?
The tesco clubcard site is a joke as mentioned in my post about vouchers.
All I can suggest is that you ring/email customer services and see if that gets you anywhere.
I am waiting on a call back from one of their reps on Monday- but I won't hold my breath.
It looks like I will have to resort to emailing the BIG CHEESE1
mine will not let me log in even with the correct details
i think now they are cutting back to give out those vouchers and saving them self to build loads of super jumbo markets............they are purely killing local business,but we have no choice here......

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