How to look back in time - Time Travel

Get on a space ship that travels faster than the speed of light away from Earth and then use the most powerful telescope (not available) that can zoom as fast as the ship is travelling from Earth and you can watch history replay itself. The further from Earth you travel the further back in time you can see.

NB: No obstacles between you or the space ship to Earth must exist for uninterrupted viewing pleasure


This should be in Deals

ill have one,how much,will you accept paypal and can you deliver?

Personally I just watch BBC, all sorts of old stuff on there.


Personally I just watch BBC, all sorts of old stuff on there.

Or Dave...

Dave is ace, try the Sci Fi channel

A great idea. Won't work. The light degrades too much as it travels through space (dust gets in the way, gravity bends the light...)
Nothing with any mass can even get to the speed of light, at 99% the mass of the ship would be more than the mass of the universe.

You could get several thousand/million mirrors and place them facing against each other. Each one will reflect an image that is relatively in the past. The next mirror in the sequence will show an image even further in the past and so on.
If you keep doing this with more and more mirrors, you will eventually see yourself as a baby/child.

Remove your eyes.............stick em in your ass and then you can always see where you've been and never have to put the past behind you. :-D
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