How to make a crying baby stop crying ....

    Anyone tried this? Would like to know success rate from those of you with lil' uns.


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    ]link here. It's in japanese but pretty self-explanatory.

    Wine goblet comes in useful.

    pah. i can do it in 5!


    ]link here. It's in japanese but pretty self-explanatory.Wine goblet … ]link here. It's in japanese but pretty self-explanatory.Wine goblet comes in useful.

    I worry about you.

    you do realise that link goes to a japenese man gettin naked right?

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    [COLOR="Purple"]Oh and I thought you were just being surreal![/COLOR]

    That red glow you can see on the horizon appears to be emanating from kippy's face. ;-)

    hold them underwater for 5 minutes, that should work....

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    what red glow ?


    LOL thats just amazing.


    what red glow ?

    Sorry, just messing. Thought you might be a little embarressed about the first vid you posted.

    Love the baby video. Makes me want to have a baby just to try it out. :thumbsup:

    best way to stop babies crying? don't bloody have them. use one of these:

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    babies are for life not just for christmas ...

    So they are actually selling a cd with someone sucking water. If you need a job there you go:-D

    Wish I had known about this trick 9 and 5 years ago!!!! Bit late now!!!!!!

    I have heard of it before and my daughters auntie did to her when she was a month or so old - although it did work a couple of times we just thought it was coincedental!! I would of though it is similar to some sounds they remember from being in the womb!! Therefore relaxing for them!

    Isn't there a method that involves running a tap? Something to do with memories of the whomb...

    yes and white noise, washing machines etc. on a side note did anyone watch the clip at the side of the screen titled 'making a baby' it is soo awesome. i want one. :-D

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    criteria for baby sitter : able to gurgle and slurp water
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