How to make a door slowly close

Found 3rd Dec 2010
Hard question to describe.

I have 2 cats that hate fully closed doors. They like entry to every room but also need it for bed,food and toilet.

It **** frezzing and having the doors open a little for them lets the heat out. I want to have the doors able to slowly shut but not all the way (not need the handle down to open)

Is there anyway I can make my doors slowly close but not shut ?. Just enough open so they can open the doors themselves with their paws.

I was thinking that something like shaving the door may work but don't want to put the effort in without knowing it will work ?.

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You could put a thin piece of wood at the side of the door where the hinges are. That would prevent it closing completely. If you use blu tac to hold it in place, you can remove it when you want.
I thought it was just my cats that want everydoor in the house open! Its alrightfor them they have good fur coats.

My rabbit does this too, we leave it slightly ajar, so no gap but not … My rabbit does this too, we leave it slightly ajar, so no gap but not closed if you get me, then he pushed it when he wants to go though. WE have to get up and close it again though.

Same here. They just have to have it open. As I cant afford to have my oil radiator on all day, I have to do my best to lock the heat in. It just a game for them when I push it neat closed again.

Thanks for the reply's everyone.
Good idea on making sure it wont close but now need an idea for making the door slowly close itself. All I can think of are those piston style contraptions you see on doctors doors and hospitals. Obviously don't want that expense.
Good to see pet love for other animals other than dogs for once.

[url=These are cheaper]These are cheaper[/url]

I use these for my cat... but only on the internal doors. work a treat. doesn't let a mad draft in either- worth a go.
Put some duck tape across the striker plate on the door jamb, that will allow the door to close fully but the lock won't be able to engage so you won't lose any heat and the cats'll be able to open the door by pushing on it.......simples!
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As double glazing is our business I made a fully double glazed cat house from upvc and put a small tube type heater in which only costs the same as a light bulb to run, cats love being in it and can view the garden in total comfort.
Maybe I should be a little more clearer.

My doors stay in the place you put it, IE half way open and it will stay there. I want them to be able to open at any angle and move into the closed position.
So I am after a technique to help with this. I would put on a DIY forums but as evidence here its hard to explain and I don't now any good DIY forums to go to for help.

I need the cats to open the doors so they can fit through and then the door to close itself behind them.
you could use the self-closing mechanisms which three storey houses have to prevent fire spread but the are quite heavy feeling
or these hinges
How about this?

[image missing]

You could use it with this?

[image missing]

These products combined would keep the door ajar enough to let your cats open the door, then the spring arm would gently close it once the cat is through.

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Thats the kind of thing I want. So hard to google when you have no idea on what it is or how to describe the function.

Will give both devices a look when I'm near a hardware store to see which is best in price for the quantity.

I was starting to think how I could do a man's job of it. Was going to plane down the door edges to make it have no contact with carpet or frame. Then I was going to make the top door hinge raised from the frame to make a slight slant in the door.
All the effort of just typing has made me exhausted.

Thank you both sooo much. Now I can make the flat warmer. Having man flu at the same time as cold temperature is not fun .
One more question on the subject of DIY.
Does anyone know of a good and large user base forum for DIY where I could ask about products please ?. I don't particularly want to ask shops as they will only know their stock and try to push the sale.

Want to ask about a few fittings before purchase.
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