How to make a small claims court application online?

    I have been waiting over 7 months for a chequeback from e2save, i have constantly phoned and written to them and every time get a promise that it will be processed within 30-60 days.
    I told them 2 months ago that if it had not arrived by the 2/2/07 then i would take them to the small claims court.

    Anyway i remember seeing on here a link to make such a claim but cant find it now, can anyone point it out.

    Also if anyone has any suggestion or experience on how to go about making the claim that would be helpful.



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    This is so annoying, I am only claiming for £80!

    So it looks like i have to pay £30 to make the claim, are there any other hidden costs, and will i be able to claim these costs from e2save plus compensation for all the time and effort lost?

    I've not claimed before (although I did once come VERY close - the Trading Standards people kindly sorted it out for me:thumbsup: )

    I believe that the £30 is the only cost - you are allowed to claim reasonable charges on top of what you are owed if you can prove that you have incurred the additional charges as a direct result of the non-payment, although I never did find out if that included the £30 fee. If you phone your nearest court they will gladly you advise you (& help you with completing your application if needed).
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