how to make / attach an inexpensive privacy screen to a 6' tall garden gate ?

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Found 9th Feb
Anyone able to suggest where to buy a cheap privacy screen to attach to a 6' tall garden gate, or how to make one cheaply ?


Have you thought about bamboo ? cheap, easy to install, no messing around.

I bought mine from Wilko, really strong and worth the money

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What type of screen did you get from Wilko ?

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I have been contemplating a reed or bamboo roll, but unsure how durable this would be? Also contemplating a mesh. Or having a piece of wood cut to size .... Perspex... Just not sure what's best !

Buy one of those cheap rollup raffier(?) mats they use at the seaside.

Just so you're aware, there is a height limit of 2m for walls/gates etc. Including any additions e.g. Trellis. Any higher and you will require planning permission. If the wall/fence fronts a road then the height reduces to 1m.

2 metres down the sides and 1 metre across the front wall/fence , although some people have 6 foot high walls or higher all round but I think theyre only allowed if it was built before the height regulations were introduced

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Gate is near the back of my house, not fronting a road, and is of legal height, but thanks for the advice.


What type of screen did you get from Wilko ?

It's a thin bamboo, really made a difference and a lot more private. Used cable ties to secure in a few places and it's still up with all the wind & rain
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