How to make everything larger on iPads (scale the UI)

    Hi all

    I'm a tutor, I help people make use of their computers/tablets/phones etc...

    I have several clients with iPads but much of the UI is too small for them to see. Particularly for beginners, it's hard to get concepts like 'back' when there doesn't seem to be much consistency to the UI and back-buttons are sometimes rather tiny!

    I'd like to scale everything up a bit.

    I found a text enlargement setting in accessibility but it's limited. I'd love to try something a bit more extensive.


    (Unhelpfully I'm not an every-day iPad user so I'm not aware of what can or can't be done on them)


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    Here are 2 links for you to explore … Here are 2 links for you to explore further.


    Looking at buying one now so I could try the RNIB things myself…660
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