How to make LAN traffic go through our 'other' router - it's better but it's not a modem so can't just swap them around

    Our garage modem/router/wifi device supplies the house with broadband, mostly by cables.

    We got a new router/wifi device to fit upstairs (on the end of one of those cables) for better wifi. Yep, definitely much better wifi!

    Now that peeps are using the wifi, I'm having trouble getting real-life work done so I really have to do something effective. The insult is it's facebook... every time [unnamed person] gets on facebook, I get less work done... And I'm the idiot who facilitated it!

    The new device has vastly better QoS - packet prioritisation rather than blunt and stupid bandwidth control - but I can't just swap them round as the new one's not a modem (lol - I better check to be absolutely sure about that!).

    I know one simple answer to this - Buy more computer gear! But I suspect the right combination of settings (default gateway?) on each PC/laptop/tablet might result in routing all traffic FIRST through the router that's NOT connected directly to ADSL and then AFTER that one's done the QoS, on to the ADSL modem/router.

    Actually I suspect it won't but I have to ask.

    Sounds like a crippled network, yep, but our broadband runs at 165KB/s so *might* still be better than what I have now.

    - Two PCs are connected by cable to the modem/router in the garage (connected to ADSL)
    - One PC connects by cable to the new router (then on by cable to garage modem/router)
    - A laptop and a couple of tablets now use Wifi on the new router (then, again, on by cable to garage modem/router)

    Garage modem/router is TP-Link TD-W8970, new one is Asus RT-N66U

    Many thanks in advance for any help here, it's a funny time of night so I'll bump this tomorrow if no one appears to have seen it



    So you are wanting to just prioritise your PC over the Facebook PC when you are working?

    I don't see a problem with that. You should still be able to prioritise from the second router to handle all traffic and leave the original router at default as you say the new router has better quality of service.

    But then again after reading it I am guessing your PC that you want to give top priority to is in the garage? If so then that would not be able to take advantage of the new routers functions unless you route through it first so once the Facebook PC leaves the new router it would just be going through the old router alongside your PC using the old settings as you said.

    As for your other way that you were talking about, like routing through the new router first then onto the ADSL router, I don't think that would work as the internet connection would need to come through the modem before anything else.

    Edited by: "NEtech" 15th Jul 2014

    fairly easy to do that but if you want to use the existing routers wifi its all pointless.
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