how to measure uneven area for laminate flooring

Found 4th Dec 2013
hi im looking to buy some laminate flooring online to get a better deal and its for living room and the hall, the problem is in the hall its odd shaped and i dont want to order too much that i wont need. so how do i measure the hall?

many thanks btw
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Found the below online hope it helps

To calculate the area of your floor, even if the room is oddly shaped. Just break it down into these 5 simple steps.

1.Assuming that your room has at least one long straight wall that connects with two side walls, measure this long wall and convert the measurement to feet (odd inches should be expressed as decimals).
2.Assuming that your room has at least one short straight wall that connects with two long walls, measure this short wall and convert the measurement in the same way.
3.Multiply one measurement by the other. This is the area of the room if it were square, expressed in square feet.
4.For each bump-out in the room, measure the length of each side of it, convert to feet, multiply one by the other, and subtract the result from the "square room" measurement.
5.For each recess in the room, measure the length of each side of it, convert to feet, multiply one by the other, and add the result to the "square room" measurement.
Here's an example: Your room is 10' x 10' square. It has a 1' x 1' bump-out for ductwork and a 3' x 3' ell at the doorway.

•10 x 10 = 100 sq. ft.
•1 x 1 = 1 sq. ft."
•3 x 3 = 9 sq. ft.
•(100 – 1) + 9 = 108 sq. ft.

thanks ill see if the wife know what that means lol thanks
Measure it in sections, it makes it easier. If you buy too much, just take back unopened packs for a refund.

This guide will help guide you through it. It's simply a case of breaking the area up into rectangular area. So draw a plan diagram (not to scale is fine), then break it up into rectangular areas, once you have only a drawing with rectangular areas simply number each area and work out the length and width of each one. Multiply those 2 figures together to get the square area.

Alternatively draw a rough diagram of the room and put the measurements on the diagram. Put the image on here and someone will surely give you an answer and show you how it's done in your case for future reference.

As KTM666 said, if you buy too much you should be able to return with a receipt for a refund on any unused packs.
If it's uneven a solid floor mighn't go down too well. I'd consider some of the high end linoleum
thxs i think ive dun it right gonna get some one two do the same to make sure its right lol nice 1 people

If you draw a plan of the area with dimensions and take it to the store with you, most will be happy to work it out for you... You can then check from store to store which is giving correct info
When I went to order tiles once, I took a drawing of each wall with the measurements and they worked it out for me.
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