How to move apps to new phone

Hi everyone, please could I have some advice about the best way to move my apps across to my new phone?

I have google backup so I assume those apps (and my photos etc) will move automatically but what about the apps which aren't from the Play Store or Amazon Apps?

Many thanks in advance.


Google backup works well, I brlive you can login and it'll show your apps and u can download and install them. If you other apps have you downloaded these from websites? If so you could locate the .apk files and ensure they are on your SD card(if you have one) or transfer them on to your PC and move over to the new phone and then install.

Ps sorry for typo and grammer. Typed it quickly. Hopefully its helpful.

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Great, thanks. New phone doesn't have sd slot. If I just copy and paste the .apk file that will reinstall the app? Sorry, I know nothing about this.

The ones which aren't from play or amazon will be from free app of the day.

If you copy them on to your phone and then using the file manager on your phone you will be able to locate the .apk files and when you open them they will install on to your phone.

Is google backup an app or is it always included on an android phone?

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I'm certainly not the best person to answer but I think it's a standard feature you can opt into.

As far as im aware its always available on android phones from my experience.

so where do i look to see if i have it?

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Try Settings, then Backup and Restore. I have an option saying "do you want to backup to google drives?" or something along those lines.

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Are both phones from the same manufacturer? For example, are they both Sony, or both Samsung, etc? If so, you should be able to use the appropriate PC suite to perform a backup and restore.

In any case, your Google apps will be backed up to Google using the backup/restore settings on your phone. Run a backup before switching to ensure everything is up to date then restore onto the new phone. Your Amazon apps, and your Free App A Day apps should come back when you install the Amazon and Free App A Day apps. You may have to manually download those Amazon and Free App A Day apps (the games etc within those apps) by selecting them manually from within the main app, if that makes sense.

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No they're different makes. Thanks for the tips.

Google backup does not backup many app settings although lots of people mistakenly think it does

Install helium app and backup all apps and app data to Google drive

Install helium app on new phone and restore everything from drive

Works perfectly

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I was originally going to try helium based on a google search but the app seemed to have a lot of bad reviews so a bit wary of buying it...

+1 for Helium, works fine for me!
It's free isn't it?

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There was a free one and then a separate paid key. I didn't look into it much further after I saw the reviews but will now.
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