How to move from one Lebara call plan to another and keep my existing number?

Posted 20th Sep 2022

My current Lebara plan is coming to an end but I do have another Lebara sim card which has not been activated yet and I would like to move my current number to this new sim card. I have just got off the phone to Lebara CS and he told me I could not do it because the new sim card will not give me the call plan offer if I switch from another Lebara sim. The new sim card is on another lebara account and I do have a spare phone if that helps. Thanks.
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    Get PAC from current SIM and transfer over to another network - then once transferred, get the PAC for that and transfer it over to the other/new Lebara SIM.
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    Lebara cheap* 6m ->PAC-> lyca cheap*6m -> PAC -> lebara cheap*6m....etc
    been doing this for a while
    last year my total mobile bill was < £20 for the whole year... will be less this year as am on teh 1p for 6 month lyca deal currently... so in 5 months will depend what lebara offer is on
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    I used a method posted in HUKD to move from one deal to another within Lebara while keeping same SIM and number. From memory it went like this:

    Log into your Lebara account in a web browser. In a second tab, open the link to the next Lebara deal you want. Add the deal/new pay monthly tariff to your account. You now have/are paying to have 2 deals paid monthly. This is because they stack. A bit pointless for unlimited texts etc but it means you get the data for both old + new tariffs. Final step is to cancel the old tariff out of you account.

    I've moved 2 SIMs to better tariffs using this method. It works best if you add the new tariff a couple of days before the old one renews (and you cancel it), to minimise the days paying 2 tariffs.

    The big catch is the above method doesn't give you any low/half price for x months, it just puts you straight onto your new tariff. Suited me perfectly as the goal was a bit more data for a bit less money. This was for one of the special MSE Lebara deals where you use the MSE link.
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    How do i get to keep my number on the new sim?
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