How to not get scammed on alibaba?

Found 18th Sep 2017
Hi All,

my screen to my Dell Xps l322x has a slight smash in the left hand side and need a screen replacement, i have seen some on alibaba but this is nothing like aliexpress and just wanted to know if anyone has managed to order successfully from here 1 x order?

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Used aliexpress before an had no issues, with regards to alibaba I would stay clear buddy...those 40 thieves are far to much trouble!
If you Google both companies you will see that Alibaba Is basically a merchants trade market, where manufacturers are selling to retailers.
"Most of the members on are manufacturers, trading companies or resellers who trade in large order quantities. AliExpress is a global retail marketplace offering quality products at factory prices in small quantity."

You can buy 'samples' at really cheap prices on Alibaba though (I bought a replacement touch screen for a Samsung S6 for less than £15 - it works fine).
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