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Found 17th Aug 2008
As with the Wii consoles last year ARGOS seem to get the Wii Fit at all stores on a regular basis, however you have to get really lucky to get your hands on one.When each store shuts the online reservation system is updated shortly afterwards, this is the time to try and reserve one online for collection as there may have been a reserved one not collected that day. Highly unlikely i hear you say, but it is happening at the moment due to the number of Ebayers reserving Wii Fits all over the Country and selling the reservation number. Now you may just wish to buy the reservation nearest you, but if the reservation doesn't sell on Ebay it definitely goes back on the system.
I did this yesterday at 18.30 p.m. the store had shut at 18.00 p.m. there was a reservation not sold on Ebay from a seller in Oxfordshire for a store miles away that i new they wouldn't have bothered travelling to and bought the actual Wii Fit.
Picked up my Wii Fit at 10.00 a.m this morning!
Hope this helps some people.


Nice tip there, thanks. Also, if you live in London, I see from [url][/url] that the Smyths chain still have some in stock in some stores. Just checked and they do indeed!

gallions reach symth had some

i got my wii fit from morrisons cpl weeks ago, they had loads, maybe you should try there as the most unlikely places usually have them

Great tip, just managed to reserve one! Thanx!

Why is it still impossible to get a wii fit for rrp??? xx

wait till december if you think its hard now.

Quite. It ain't gonna get any easier.

Best option is to import from Amazon in France or Germany - it's cheaper, faster, far less hassle and easy to do.

But dont you need wierd connectors from france for the wii fit? Ive got a wii fit, its not for me im after one for its for my auntie for her kids for xmas...x


why are all these people so mad about wii fits?
Its like when i was a kid a tracey island model...
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