How to open .MTW files?

Found 13th Mar 2009
As a University assignment I have a set of data to analyse, but require a programme to open .MTW files. Can anyone help?

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The .MTW file extension identifies data files for the Minitab statistical analysis application. To access, edit or create .MTW files you will need to have Minitab installed..
Windows can't open .MTW files?
If Windows is unable to open files with the extension .MTW you may not have the appropriate program installed or, you may have registry errors.…MTW
Go here: download the free trial :thumbsup:
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Go here: download the free trial :thumbsup:

Cheers dude, but I have already used the free trial. (Now opened a fs/ft thread to see if anyone can download minitab for me- Not paying $99) Have some rep all the same!!
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Rep all round. Cheers guys!!
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