How to organise a USA holiday without paying over the odds in the current fiscal climate?


    I would like to organise a USA holiday for a fortnight outside of peak time. With the British Pound weaker against the US Dollar, how can us Brits can a good deal on a USA holiday?

    I'm thinking of a 4 nights in SF, 4 nights in LV, and 4 nights in LA around Autumn time. When the Dollar was $1.56 against the £1 holidays were a little cheaper (not to mention the days of $2 : £1). With the Dollar at $1.25 against the Pound, and the Fed raising rates, the cheapness has gone.

    I know there are some real experienced travellers on this forum, who have an eye for a bargain, so I would like to ask you when/how is the best to book a trip like I'm looking for?

    Do I wait for the January sales? Is it actually cheaper (and by much) in those sales?

    Is there a particular site that's trustworthy and reliable that will get you the best deal?

    Is it best to wait for deals to flash up on this site and take the plunge in booking then?

    Other than walking into a Travel Agents like Virgin I do not know the best way to get a good deal.

    Thanks in advance.


    The fist thing I would do is to find cheap flights to SF, LV or LA. Then organise a trip based around that. Decide how long you would need to spend in the US.

    Start with skyscanner and use cheapest month and find the cheapest flights to these destinations.

    Set up an alert for these dates or any other dates that are suitable for you,

    Use sights like HolidayPirates to check if there are any cheap flights. Keep and eye on this website for flash sales and glitches which do not always work but may be worth taking a punt.

    Once you have found your cheap flights work out an itinerary for your trip. Look at something like trailfinders and see their suggested trips .

    The next stage is to book hotels. Suggest you use something like trivago to get the best price. Note that you may get a better deal by changing the dates by a day or so or booking directly at the hotels website. Avoid weekends in LV as the prices are at their highest.

    You would probably need to hire a car so shop around. Generally speaking you will get the best choice and deals at airports.

    Good luck.

    I've done a similar trip twice. First time was a return flight to LA with car hire. Second time was flying to San Diego and flying back from SFR again with car hire. The better trip was the latter one as it was less driving, but it was more expensive. Car hire tends to be cheaper organised from the UK, partially because you should be able to include insurance. As to hotels, I rarely book hotels in advance. I tend to use Expedia or either the day before, or the same day. This is partly because I don't plan my stops too much in advance and partly because we always seem to get reasonable deals.

    Just saw this in HolidayPirates. See if it is suitable for your needs.
    World Famous Hotel! Stay at the 5* Bellagio in Las Vegas from just £38pppn…ios

    My tips are use Quidco for cash back.
    I book my hotels through with the free night after 10 and quidco it's the cheapest way I have found for hotels so far.

    Flights as others have said use Skyscanner and kayak but then book the flights direct at the site rather than using the links.

    The cheepest way to get between the places is to hire a car. Alamo are a good company to use as there's no up sell when you pick the car up and all insurance is included. Plus you get to pick the car you want from any in the clas you have booked.

    La, San Fran and Vegas are all great places to visit I have been to them all in the past couple of years. But all are pricey. Watch out in Vegas for resort fees charged at the hotel when you get there on top of the hotel cost.

    If possible, avoid staying on a Friday and Saturday night, when it's likely to be more expensive.

    Forgot to add Thomas cook do direct flights to your three mentioned destinations

    Look at flights from other EU airports as it may reduce the cost but it's the old time V money argument and weighing up cost of hotel and the flight to get to Europe.

    I use Ebookers for hotels, there is always a 12-15% code off and you get money back for a future stay and perks of being a Platinum member such as free lounge passes, luggage and wi-fi costs refunded etc. I've had over 25 stays last year and my cashback tracked on every one. Ebookers, and Expedia all same company so should be same price but I always find the code means Ebookers are the cheapest.

    Airbnb is an option but not one I've ever done in America as I'd read some horror stories, but have used it in lots of other places.

    The upside is that it has never been cheaper to get to the US, so gain on the flights but loose on the exchange rate. I just got my son out to NY 136GBP on Thomas Cook and back with Norwegian for 145GBP, but I did book some months back. There have also recently been good deals with American.

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    Just a note to say thank you for all your replies. I've been offline but a few days so will now digest all comments and come back if I needed. Thanks.
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