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    I wanted to ask someone how could I pay someone via paypal in such way that when the person recieves the payment they do not have to pay those silly paypal surcharges lol...

    Please let me know asap



    They would need a personal account rather than premier - and it would need to be bank funded or transfer of existing funds.

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    Thanks....oh ok..I heard something about mass payment?

    Is thay suitable?

    Mass payment just lets a business/premier user send payment to more than one individual at once afaik.. shouldn't have an affect on charges.

    Original Poster I'll click transfer money and then pay the specific amount.....and hopefull it won't charge the guy!

    If he has a premier or business acc he'll be charged either way.
    If the charges are that large maybe use BACS or a cheque instead?

    Paypal is like eBay lost the plot. Charges are now 4%. A credit card will charge between 1.5-2.5% I won`t accept payment by paypal and have stopped trading on eBay because of the unrealistic charges .
    Will not buy now either as posters are charging silly amounts for postage to cover costs

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    Payment sent, will see what happens now!

    But many thanks for you speedy replies Sean!

    Rep added mate!:thumbsup:

    Isn't it 20p+3.6% tony? paypal charges are high but better than waiting for a cheque usually.

    Thanks skippy appreciate it

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    True Tony,

    There are other alternatives like the Microsoft online auction with NO fees at all....Might try to use that some time however can never seem to find it, usually just see it advertise occassionally on the MSN page.

    Paypal fees are 3.4% and 20p on UK Pound Sterling transactions.
    BACS is FREE.
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