How To Play Monkey Island On Your Nintendo DS

Found 8th Aug 2008
Hi I have a nintendo ds lite and an edge card and was wondering do I need a r4 card to use this homebrew ( or can it work on an edge card and if yes is there anything I require to do apart from following the instructions?
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any help is appreciated.
Your edge card should work just fine. Does it run on an emulator or is it a homebrew file?
on an emulator scummvm
whats monkey island like, ive been told its ace
What you have to do is download the emulator scummvm, for the nintendo ds (it will come as .nds file) When you open it up there will be a couple of folders and one will be labelled roms. You then download MOnkey Island and place this file in the roms section. Then drag the whole file onto your NDS Flash cart.

This is how i use to play emulators on my NDS.
Does this work for TTDS?
Yeah because its a NDS Flash cart.

DSTT, R4, Edge, M3 etc all pretty much do the same thing
Thank you for the information.
Have people been playing this? I loved Monkey Island!
i thought you had to put theedge firmware onto the root of the micro sd card???
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