How to put downloads onto a dvd disc help please!!

    Hi people, sorry to put this post in the wrong section just needed some advice please. Just bought my new DELL in the sale and ive been having fun downloading F I L M S from the net, T O R R EN T S to be exact, wasnt sure how to do this as i have was using imesh and kazza lite before, but now i have found B I T L O R D, very useful and other sites, but my problem now is what to do with these files?? I would like to burn them onto dvds but how do i go about this? I have already tried with no luck, would like to put DVD R I P files onto a disc to play them on my dvd player. Do i need to convert the files before i do it? Any help on the subject would be very helpful!
    Kind regards searchersearcher


    NERO!!!all the way,u'll probably be able to download a copy of that 2,but ssssshhhhhhh!

    Nerovision is relatively easy to use,walks u thru.

    WinAVI Video Converter for your films and utorrent for d/loads :thumbsup:

    been using nero to burn dvds recently, its excellent, using utorrent here too

    ......of course you know this is an illegal practice

    Some DVD players will play .avi (and various other) video files. If this is the case with your DVD player then you can just burn them to DVD (or even CD) and they should play.

    Otherwise you'll have to use a program (such as Nero) to encode and burn the DVDs. Note that the encoding takes ages. In the region of hours, unfortunately.

    As others have said to play them on a STANDARD dvd player you'll need to convert them first but ffs DON'T use Nero for that as its a complete crock of ****. I can't tell you whats actually best but have a google for Releaselog and search their archives. I know they have mini 'reviews' and user comments on quite a few converters.

    I have been downloading for a while, and I found it takes to long to convert to something the DVD player will play. I got two DVD players that play DivX and that is the format most downloads come as. A DVD player like that can be found for £35 and upwards now, although I paid just 20 ish pounds for both I got. Then you just burn everything as data files in Nero (gives you 6 movies on a DVD)

    PS. It is NOT illegal to use Torrents and download. It is illegal to download any copyright stuff though. But there are lots of legal stuff out there to. It is just as illegal to steal a picture from the internet, and I know, from lots of forums I am a member of that lots of the pics people use are from sources that is not free to use.


    i use dvdshrink


    others have already mentioned it but I recommend Nero also. Its very easy, just select the avi and it transcodes and burns it for you in one go.

    searchersearcher, how long is it taking you to download a movie and what speeds are you getting? I'm keen on doing this too but a bit wary of putting this type of software on the computer.

    Also, what version of Nero do people recommend as I see 8 is out but it seems to come with loads of add ons and I don't want to hog my pc resources!!

    I use uTorrent to download with, and I use BtJunkie to find files to download. Ofcourse you find illegal stuff there, as everywhere else on the net, but its your job/choice to find the legal ones.

    uTorrent is aparantly one of the programs that hogs least resources from the computer, atleast the best I have used.
    I still recomend buying a DivX DVD player, asit takes hours to convert each movie to a viewable format using any converters out there, and quality stays the same, or get worse if you do not know what you are doing. (On my computer, a very old one it take 8-10 hours each movie).

    The download times are variable as it depends on how many are sharing and what speed they upload in. In many cases the older movies, and music that is legal to download, and also privat stuff that people have put out for download is slower, cause fewer people have it for download (less interest in it) and newer stuff are more speed (and also more fakes, bugs and its illegal)


    WinAVI Video Converter takes less than 1 hour to convert , most times about 30 mins

    I stopped burning films to disk years ago. I have my pc about 7 meters away from my tv. Now I use a long s-video lead from my pc graphics card,and a long audio out lead from my pc sound card and plug both directly in to my TV. This I found was the easiest and cheapest method. My pc is quite old,and my graphics card is only 128 meg I think,but if the quality of the films are good,then the quality that it produces on the tv is good. Not all DVD quality,or full size etc, but very watchable,and there are loads of "streaming" sites out there (ovguide) that allow you to click on a film and watch it right away,no downloading required! :thumbsup:
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