how to qualify Price Comparison transaction in Quidco?

Found 14th Nov 2005
i have used kelkoo, dealtime before. but today is my first time doing a kelkoo search via quidco.

surprisingly, i got 0.12 earning 'pending*' for not even buying anything, just the search apparently!

on quidco it says:
For a genuine internet transaction at Kelkoo using the link below you can earn:

£0.12 for each travel lead
£0.12 for each electrical, computing, mobile phones lead
£0.12 for each books, games, music, film or other category lead

can anyone explain to me how it works?

or is it just a 'pending*' but is actually not qualify for anything eventually?
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I think you are allowed two searches a day and the .12p will be yours for each one eventually. Depends how fast Kelkoo are at paying you through QuidCo.
Nope you'll get the money. they pay per lead. You can do 1 kelkoo search per day on Quidco, and around 10 dealtime searches, plus you also get .10p per bid at eBay. I think there's a few other things to do but I can't be bothered personally to do them...plus I feel like I'm taking money from the merchants that I don't deserve. If I'm going to do a kelkoo search anyway then I'll use the link, but I don't use it everyday just to get free money for nothing.
are you saying just doing the search without the need to buy anything?

that's too good to be true isn't it?
yes you just need to do the search. Is it too good to be true? well depends if you think you are giving value to the site. That's what I mean that for myself I only use it if I'm actually using their service, I don't think it's quite right to do a search just to get 12p.
i agree there is no real point to do a nonsence search just for the 12p. also this could result fraudulent.

but it's so seem getting something for nothing!
Anyone else noticed now that Dealtime almost never payout

It's my price comparison site of choice still, it's just a shame that I can't get any Quidco rebate from using them
I got some money from these but it took months to complete.

i have been happy with this - i use kelkoo almost every day, so going through quidco makes me a wee bit back. i buy a lot on ebay, and there is also quite a bit back from them. i have already recieved the first two months transactions. However from price comparison dealtime , no item has been tracked since the start of december, and i have never recieved any payment from them, even from transactions pending from october. not sure what is going on there...and it's one of the merchants you cannot query.

every time i buy anything, be it from play.com , or cdwow , i always go through quidco. - it seems to be a very good service - it's the other unpaying merchants that are the problem. :!:
I only started this month and clicked through a few times on Dealtime. My statement shows the dealtime for 1st and 2nd of this month but none after that - even though I clicked through.

Anyone know if it takes a while for the points to show for dealtime? Do they only update every couple of weeks?
Haven't received any Dealtime points for about 3 weeks now. Anyone else use quidco and get them? I cleared my cookies so I don't think there is anything else I can do?
I think Dealtime are notoriously poor on cashback sites for tracking. My guess is that they have so many people trying to get the cashback that they purposefully discourage that by tracking intermittent. Maybe they even filter out clicks using the http referral of some of the larger cashback sites?
It's not money for nothing. You are spending your time on the kelkoo/dealtime site. They, in turn, are bombarding your eyeballs with adverts.

Fair's fair.
i personally prefer pricerunner by a far far way.

faster, smarter, cleaner results. no messing about with you.
I've always said you'd need to pay me to use kelkoo - I didn't realize they'd actually do it. Their site is rubbish, and clogs up googles searches when you are trying to look for things. Pricerunenr is far better and more honest, with more choice of prices too.
Just thought I would check my balance on Quidco, and it says 'Sorry, this page will be unavailable for a couple of days while payments are being processed. Transactions will continue to be tracked as normal.'
I am new to Quidco so does this normally happen at the end/start of each month?
i've been with them since october and this is the first time i've seen this screen, and i have been on the site practically every day since then.

not sure what they're up to.

p.s. there's a new link for a search with [size=6]yahoo[/size], to get you 7p - not sure if this is daily or whatever. there is the usual line from quidco underneath but:

There are restrictions on this merchant and any abuse will result in … There are restrictions on this merchant and any abuse will result in immediate termination of your account. Please respect this merchant's program and use it fairly.

Many thanks
When did the Yahoo one appear?

Many thanks When did the Yahoo one appear?

today i think
I have some Yahoo lines on my statement from yesterday but they all say there are no points due. Anyone have the 7p on their lines?

01 Mar 2006 Yahoo! Search Campaign 0.00 0.00 tracked* Mar 2006

I have some Yahoo lines on my statement from yesterday but they all say … I have some Yahoo lines on my statement from yesterday but they all say there are no points due. Anyone have the 7p on their lines?

mine are just the same as yours dave or michael! I'm gonna keep clicking and see what happens, cos i use yahoo anyway...
Started using QuidCo about a month ago. First couple of days I had some Dealtime points but nothing for a month now. Has anyone else received any lately? If so is they a way I can question Quidco about why I haven't?
Yahoo seems to have gone from my Quidco now
Any click through on my statement still say 0.00 earnings as well - so not sure if they will pay out, although they should. Shame you aren't able to ask QuidCo about it.
now the yahoo search has disappeared altogether from the merchant list. strange.

and it says on quidco:

Yahoo! SearchUnfortunately Yahoo! have closed their programme early due … Yahoo! SearchUnfortunately Yahoo! have closed their programme early due to budget constraints. Sorry folks!

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