How to record radio segment on my pc?

Found 10th Feb 2010
Ok - I'm not the most computer literate creature in the world , but would like to record a small segment from the radio this afternoon on to my pc (Classic FM). I-tunes only appears to have have Classic FM Netherlands available and I can't seem to find any other (free) software that will do the job.
Can anyone guide me through the process ??? Thanks
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You can set it to record the output from your sound card, direct to mp3

download and practise with it before the actual recording you want to do, just to make sure it works...and start recording before your segment comes up so you dont miss any, as you can crop the recording afterward.

Good Luck :thumbsup:…php

Freecorder 4 is a great way to capture and convert many kinds of audio and video from the internet. It also includes some optional search enhancements, a radio player, a TV player, and the Replay Media Guide. Freecorder 4 is 100% free.
I use Freecorder too and it's really good; it's also extremely easy to use.
Have downloaded audacity - but only get flatline on the wave thingy when I press record. Found a note on web that says to select "view" then float mixer toolbar and select wave out or stereo mix from the dropdown - but I'm not able to get to the dropdown bit to do that - no options available. what am I doing wrong?
I've got a sound blaster audigy 4 card that has the ability to record what the computer hears using wave studio that comes with it.
have downloaded and checked freecorder and it's fine. Problem solved !!

Thanks for yout help - left rep
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