How to recover files from second drive from admin account Windows XP

    basically my hardrive messed up and xp wouldnt boot (after trying everything)
    instead of formatting i decided to buy a new hardrive and use the one that wont boot xp as an external (in a caddy)
    i thought by doing this i could access all my old data and just transfer it to my new hardrive but it appears all my files were put under administrator, so i cant access them
    so how do i go about accessing files under admin on an external (which has xp installed but wont boot as a primary drive)?


    if you can see the hard drive in windows then click start go to my computer and right click on the hard drive you want access to and select sharing and security if its not there then select properties a new box should come up select the tab should be shring in this section you should be able to change who can access the data change it to all users it lists.
    i had this same problem once cant remember exactly how i resolved it but give that a try may work if not i find something else to try.

    theres some info on this page which may or may not work if what i said doesnt…htm

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    cheers for that much appreciated, ive managed to access them now!


    cheers for that much appreciated, ive managed to access them now!

    did i work with my suggestion or something else would love to no thanks!

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    i took the external out the caddy and fitted it internally as a slave, was able to run a chkdsk and voila! well chuffed

    thanks will try that if it happens to me again cheers m8
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