How to Remove Activation Lock - Apple iPhone 6 Plus?


I have recently purchased an iPhone 6 Plus, I have reset back to factory settings. However when I switch it on it is asking for an Activation Lock? How do I remove the Activation Lock??

Many Thanks in advance


You either do one of three things
- Log into your Apple ID, if you purchased from someone else then ask them to use and remove FMIP (find my iphone) from your handset
- If you purchased through retail and don't know your Apple ID then go book an appointment with the genius bar and bring any form of ID and proof of purchase.
- If you purchased through retail then call up apple and you'll go through a series of questions to prove that you are the owner of the apple ID and handset.
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Original Poster

I bought the phone from gumtree, and the guy I purchased it from is uncontactable.

alarm bells

Yes stolen and bricked now. Probably network locked as well. Sell it same way you bought it or give to police .

why would you buy a phone like that off Gumtree you tool

pay less pay twice.... nothing else to say

you must have some kind of address details or whatever?
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Apple do this believe it or not to stop the sale of stolen phones.

At least it'll make a nice paper weight...

Did you pay cash or paypal


Did you pay cash or paypal

I do not think the scammer would have used paypal knowing it would have been blocked/locked.

How do people still manage to get scammed like this on Gumtree? Do people never take more notice of the people they're buying from? Do people not go to addresses to pick things up?

Basic common sense could prevent this.

And he's an Kevlar engineer.

Another "unwanted upgrade" for sale no doubt

Bought and sold plenty of iPhones and iPads on gumtree.
You always go to the persons house to buy, be a fool not to.
Anyone not wanting you to know their location usually has something to hide.
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