How to remove bar at bottom of screen on ios 11.0.3

Posted 22nd Oct 2017
I upgraded the software on my ipad air recently to ios 11.0.3 and now there is a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows what appears to be recent visited apps but I am not certain.

Anyone knows what this bar does and how I can remove it
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Open the Settings app.

Select “General.”

Choose “Multitasking & Dock.”

Toggle off “Show Suggested and Recent Apps.”
deleted159734422nd Oct 2017

Open the Settings app.Select “General.”Choose “Multitasking & Dock.”Toggle …Open the Settings app.Select “General.”Choose “Multitasking & Dock.”Toggle off “Show Suggested and Recent Apps.”

thanks. so my surmise was correct but it doesn't seem to be working properly as this was already set to off but the bar was still populated every so often.

sometimes it is completely blank. i can't get rid of it. there is a probably a bug as usual in this release.
Have you rebooted since the upgrade
Sambat1 h, 52 m ago

Have you rebooted since the upgrade

No. Good idea. Will do and see if that helps. Will report back
Sambat1 h, 58 m ago

Have you rebooted since the upgrade

Rebooted but now has blank bar at bottom of screen. It may get populated randomly again like before. I just want the blank bar to go away as it is not doing anything useful
I would have a word with Apple, explaining it happened due to the update and see what they do.
or you could do a reset, and restore.
how old is your iPad?
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