How to remove "HDMI" from tv screen.

Posted 28th Jan 2017Available: National
Using an old Panasonic Vierra TV at my grandparents house and the word HDMI is stuck on the screen. Any ideas how to remove it? Thanks
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Can you take a picture of it
press the red button near the top of the remote
Turn it off and on
Press the "i" button a few times
Have tried all of the above and it still won't budge!

This is a pic of it.

Is that to do with source

Press the "i" button a few times

​Aha! Just realised there was two i buttons! Thank you! It's gone! X)
All sorted now. Thanks Archer.
double tap i on your remote the same way you would double click the mouse, do this while you are watching something. That is the known way so if it doesn't work im surprised way, is it only on certain devices? is it a sky box, or a games console, bluray player?

edit: ok you've done it (had to go try it first before replying :p)
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I have the same problem but my tvs remote receiver is broken so I cannot use the remote to get rid of the sign
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