How to remove the metal piece on the end of old Virgin Media cable (also how to remove all of the cable)?

Posted 12th Feb 2017
I changed over to Sky several months ago now and am currently decorating my sitting room. When Virgin Media (cable) was installed over 8 years ago, a box was put on the wall outside my front door - a long piece of white cable was run through the wall and fixed around the door frame and wall in the hallway. The engineer then drilled a hole through my sitting room door frame to put the cable through before fixing it to a white box on the wall near my tv. I have managed to unscrew the cable from this white box but can't get the metal piece off the end of the white cable (it won't push through the hole in the door as it is too big) - I just can't seem to get it off, any ideas as to how to remove it so I can remove the white cable from the hole in the door? Also, once done, I'm going to have quite a few metres of this white cable (the lot from the sitting room and in the hallway) lying around on the floor in the hallway. Am I allowed to legally get rid of this, seeing it is attached to a box on the wall outside of the front door? What is the best way to do this - has anybody managed to unscrew the cable from the box on the wall outside - will I need any special tools to do this? Is this cable 'live' still, even though it has been unscrewed from the box in the sitting room (just worried if somebody suggest cutting through it)? Thank you.
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