How To Remove UV Security Pen On Back Of Monitor ?

Posted 21st Jun 2012
Right... managed to nick a few monitors from the local infants school.....

Just kidding ok !!

I have an old 17" 4:3 monitor that i purchased years ago from my kids junior school as they were doing up their IT dept. I was thinking of using it to trade in for a 24" Dell to get the £70 cashback scheme. The monitor is under 10 years oldm which seems to be a stipulation, but it has uv pen on the back saying school name, postcode etc.

Ive tried all products in the house that wont taint the black plastic backing to the monitor but dont wanna use anything too acidic coz plastic of that sort tend to go white and discoloured. Anyone know of a safe method of removal ? I was thinking of just getting another pen and scribbling over the details but i dont know if Dell require them to be uv security free.

PS... genuine purchase of the original monitor and no i did not nick it... so this thread isnt dodgy at all ok ;-)
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