How to remove windows from old laptop hard drive?

My acer laptop broke a while back and I took the 250GB out of it and put it in an enclosure and I am now using it as a portable hard drive. The problem is it still has windows vista installed and loads of other things that are taking up 30GB on the hdd. It won't let me delete them when I try. It also still reads it as a partition so when I plug it in it comes up with 2 drives.

How do I remove all the windows files and the partition on this hdd?



delete both partitions then format them into one partition.

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How do I delete all the windows files off the hard drive though?

Deleting the partition should clear all the files I think.

Windows XP:: Formatting and Partitioning Disks…htm

Delete, merge, create, and rename a hard drive partition without formatting Windows…htm

I'm assuming your using Windows XP for your OS on the replacement computer your using - if it's another Windows OS (Vista/7) then let me know and I can add some links in for you.
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