How to replace a vertical blind carrier hook

Posted 11th Apr 2017
We have a broken carrier hook on our vertical blind. Didn't want to replace the whole carrier just the hook. Does anybody know how the old hook would come out(possibly push and turn quarter of a turn?) Also are these available on their own? Can only find as a full unit like link below, any help much appreciated. Thanks.
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Youtube have videos on carrier hook replacement. Watch. Remove one. Order replacement that's the same. Never done carriers hook myself though but replaced other bits from blinds ok
The first link showed them for sale on eBay, think the ends just clip off and then pull them out.

The hotukdeals fairies strike with the link, try looking for the item number, you do have to buy 12 though…485
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Thanks for the replies, didn't really want to take the blind apart really just in case it doesn't go to plan, already seen the videos and bits for sale just wondered if the hook itself could be replaced easily enough.
Thanks again.
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