How to repurpose a second gen iPad

Posted 17th Dec 2022 (Posted 12 h, 6 m ago)
I’ve been looking at the amount of devices piling up in the house over the years e.g old phones from contracts, iPads, iPods, laptops. I’ve managed to repurpose everything except my iPad. It’s too old to do anything. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I could do with it? Is it possible to install a different OS? I’ve looked at a few options but they aren’t for me:

1) use it as a photo frame - not really into that
2) use it as a monitor- it’s too old for that
3) use it as a smart home control hub/unit/dashboard- the OS is outdated so the smart apps won’t install
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    could keep you busy over xmas.

    Cool Although OPs iPad is too old for that.
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    I’ve got one that I use for following online tutorials when doing diy, working on the car or the occasional bit of cooking. No need to worry if it get’s splashed with paint, engine oil or chicken giblets.

    Safari still works for YouTube etc. It’s painfully slow but not that much worse than than an Amazon Fire or similar.

    There have been some good trade in deals for old tablets from some retailers (Currys, Samsung etc) if you’re looking for something new, (edited)
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    Aren't you using old devices for trade in offers?
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    I know you said that you don’t want to use it as a photo frame but you could always just fill it with family pictures and give it to an older relative as an electronic photo album.
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    There'll be folks on ebay that could use it, maybe students or someone who just needs a media player like me.
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