how to reset sky hd box or get on the enginer menu

    anyone ?


    To perform a software FW reflash,

    Power off at the wall
    hold down the BACKUP button on top of the box (NOT remote)
    keeping holding button and turn on at wall.
    keep holding button until all the LED's on the front light up and the screen changes to updating system software.

    On my box you unplug the power lead then hold the backup button in and then plug the cable back in. All the lights come on and it re-boots.

    Engineers menu on old EPG is

    Services 4 0 1 select

    Not much will change on the screen as it is a hidden sequence until you hit the select.

    If it is the NEW EPG it is Services 0 0 1 select or something like that.

    i haven't got a sky hd box but with my sky+ box you can switch the plug off for one minute then switch it on while holding in the backup button to reset (keep holding the button in until the screen tells you it's resetting)
    hope this helps :thumbsup:

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    thanks my box keeps not taping my stuff just saying failed every time


    thanks my box keeps not taping my stuff just saying failed every time

    Is it a Thomson???

    If so, you probably have a failed PSU due to faulty capacitors used during manufacture.…hd/

    Is a good forum for Sky HD
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