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how to reset / speed up my sky router

Posted 28th Jan 2014
I saw a post regarding resetting / speeding up a sky router a couple of weeks ago, but cant find it now, can anyone help.

Never had a problem before but these last couple of weeks it has been driving me mad,

thank you in advance
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I have had issues with SKY in the past. Call up CS and check the downlink and uplink speeds. They can put you in a different parameter set if you have slower connection speeds lesser than what you promised to you.
yes, think that's the one, thank you very much
thank you a6unx will do that
We've had to do this !!!
We started with sky and it was ok at first then went so slow it was unreal .
We rang sky cs and they made us jump through hoops but did finally test and change parameters but tbh we can't wait to get out of the contract. Very disappointed and no chance of any uploading at all.... I could wind it up quicker .
Good luck hope you get some where with them
Sky router problems easy leave , i was with sky for 17 years and after about a dozen calls and given every excuse they still wouldn't fix it i asked for a new router they said ok and sent a flaming plug for a router WTF so i went with bt and it's 4 times faster ok bt have their own issues but it works well .....
one tip for wifi make sure it points at you. mine is in the top of the loft pointing down at the middle of the house with tinfoil around it as a shield so the field is in a cone covering just the house and patio. works a treat.
yes also check for SKY Router problem I had it changed twice too. Was with sky BB for more than 2 years and now switched to BT Fiber-optic. Life is Good now:p
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