How to respond to a dispute on AliExpress

Posted 1st Dec 2022
I have an open dispute on AliExpress. AliExpress gave a solution, and I accepted, however, the seller rejected it. They have asked for more pictures and an install video (it's a tablet screen). I'm not going to waste time installing a cracked tablet screen.

My issue is, I can't see any way to respond to the dispute. I have messaged the seller with the picture of the old screen but they haven't even read the message. I also can't see any way for me to speak to AliExpress, only a robot.

Does anyone have any idea how to do any of this?

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    My only advice is do not waste time communicating with the vendor, they will have little interest or motivation to help you. Try and continue to deal with AE express directly, which I know is painful but you're more likely to get a better outcome this way, other than that, go to your credit card company for help.
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    I can't contact AliExpress though. No matter what I type in the help section, the robot comes back with the same options. No option to even email support at all.
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    I assume you sent pictures of the new cracked screen? Unfortunately the sellers know how to avoid a refund so insist on stupid stuff. Years ago I purchased a remote control which chewed through batteries, the seller asked for a video, I replied a video of what? I lost the appeal.
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    Do a chargeback
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    If something doesn’t arrive from ali or wish i always do one wont get it it resolved any other way
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