How to retrieve deleted photos on ipad

Found 24th Aug 2017
Hi all,
I'm in a panic as oh has this morning double deleted our wedding photos off my ipad2 thinking they were backed up on the iCloud. I've rang apple and they confirm that the photos have not been saved anywhere on their server. Yesterday I sent the photos by iCloud sharing to his new iPhone but since they were deleted from my device they have automatically deleted from his iPhone.
Does anyone know of any app that could possibly find and restore the photos back to my iPad, which is running on iOS 9.3.5 , and if I would have to use a computer to sync it with to do it rather than just the iPad.
thanks in advance for any help.
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you googled - click this
you should have had an option to UNDO the deletion (possibly in the recycle bin). i used multiple cloud storage should one fail as nothing lasts forever

I've just started using this . you get 75GB of FREE storage and the software is quite easy to use
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Have u looked in the 'Recently deleted' folder? I have an older version and i think there is one

Don't know if this will help:…in/
Yes, he double deleted them from the 'recently deleted' folder thinking he was being helpful freeing up some space on the iPad.
I've tried downloading several free websites to try and find the missing photos to no avail,just wondering to short cut things if anyone knew an app or website that could unearth the missing photos from say the internal memory somehow.
I know this won't help now but I use google photos to back up my photos as I have 8000 and this kind of thing just makes me so nervous
Do you have a recent back up on itunes by any chance? Or any backup since after your wedding when the photos were on the iPad, the file on your computer will still have the photos there just restore that to the iPad.
Unfortunately no backup. Made an appointment at the apple Genius Bar for later today, hopefully they can help alternatively it's a painful lesson learnt.
thanks to all that replied.
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