Posted 11th Mar 2021
Is this.a deal? Let’s see (obviously not sine we have been moved to Discussions) - I purchased a Sonos Roam with one of the 30% upgrade codes earlier today.

Recently I have bought some used Sonos equipment from CEX.

Once plugged into my set-up I was very surprised to see that these qualified for the 30% discount Sonos offer for upgrading old kit.

So today I decided to pre-order the Sonos Roam (ok not the biggest saving to make) but still a saving.

The 30% works across all speakers so you could actually buy a Sonos component and save well over £200 on a Sonos Arc for instance.

A Sonos 5 is a reasonable £115 for a grade B (fabulous condition when I received mine).

Some upgrades from Sonos only attract 15% discount (I have a Sonos Play Base which is like this) but Play 5 and Connect Amp are all 30%.
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