Posted 29 January 2023

How to save money raising a baby?

our little one is 8 months old and I am trying to think outside the box in how to save costs, without of course doing it on the baby's expense.

do you have any tips and tricks to share when it comes to saving some money?
I use vinted, look for vouchers, got plenty of items secondhand, when it comes to weaning food we cook healthy at home.

thank you
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    Don't forget babies do not know the difference between prada and primark. A fancy label does not necessarily mean a better product, and at the rate babies grow it is difficult to justify the expense. If you have the space, buy in bulk. Don't be fooled into thinking you must have a fancy video monitor with smart capabilities and all the bells and whistles, or things like that. Babies survived for eons without them.
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    We were given a bag of 'fancy' baby clothes, the only difference I could see was they survived better. As the woman who gave them me had 1 son it didn't matter for her, but my son wore them too and they still look good. As you say, kids grow too fast to get real use from them.
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    Charity shops are great.
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    We've been using Olio/Freecycle a lot to give away and find things, it's such a useful tool to be kinder to the environment and save money
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    Join a Facebook local group and shamelessly beg, borrow and swap baby stuff. Applies later to toys. You may be surprised at people’s generosity. Don’t feel you always need to provide new for baby. Carefully clean/disinfect items and forget you had it given.
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    What expenses are none essential?

    Do you have Sky/Virgin TV? Broadband price? Are you in contract for all?

    Home/Pet insurance are you in contract?

    Mobile phones when are your contracts due for renewal can you go sim only for a couple of years instead of paying for a handset?

    How many subscription services like Netflix/Now/Disney?

    Do you buy takeaways?
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    Are you suggesting cancelling home/pet insurance??
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    Make sure to join your local library. Saves a lot of money on books and they love going there
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    Don't buy unnecessary clothes, toys and gadgets. Just because they are cheap, think whether you actually need them.
    Also a lot of charity shops are not that cheap.
    I dress my kids in a lot of Frugi, buy on sale, it's expensive but I can resale for pretty much what I bought items for and lasts.
    One thing I won't skip is kids shoes, but start saving for those now, you will be buying new pair every couple of months soon 😬

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    We have a 20 month old. 90% of his clothes came as packages from eBay which we then sold on once he had outgrown them and bought another package. You can get loads for very little and they are usually almost new due to how quickly babies grow.
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    i did the following to help save money

    buy supermarket brands instead of the big brands for nappies and baby wipes.
    buy a hand blender and make your own fresh baby food each day, tin carrots,potato,ect ect.. for the bit you need out each tine you can make 2-3 days food with just a few tines of food.
    charity chops for quite a few room decorations
    if you use facebook look on your local for sales pages their can be bargains or free stuff
    you local council food banks are also a great help, my local food bank also has a table with small toys. and when you go tell then you have a baby and you might get baby food items.
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    Washable nappies if you have the stomach for it
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    What age can they go into the workhouse?
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