How to save outlook 2003 folders. cannot do pst file any other way?

    My partner knows nothing about computers so he has asked me to help him. He has an old laptop with vista and microsoft outlook 2003 and wants to make a copy of all his outlook emails as he has bought a new laptop.
    He has never made back ups.
    After googling I learnt I could save them all to a pst. file however I am unable to do this as when i go through the process it asks for a personal folders password. He hadnt even realised he had set one up. We have tried all our usual ones with no look and the microsoft website says there is no way to get your password back.
    Does anyone know of any other way to save all his emails. Not bothered about contacts etc just all his emails as many are to do with his work.
    He would not even need to be able to use the emails has long as he could see them, if that makes sense.
    Any ideas would be gratefully received.
    This is so annoying. I was pleased as punch with myself as I have set up a new router and network today. No mean feat for me and this is the stumbling block. I could throw the old laptop at him.


    If you are having issues with the PST options, you can just grag and drop them all into a folder...

    Save to usb stick, hdd etc, and copy them onto the new pc...

    Google free email backup..sure to be a solution. Good luck

    Original Poster

    Will give it a go..thanks to you both. Have a great weekend.

    if you havent messed about with the settings, the inbox is actually already a .pst file. do a search for it....make sure you have outlook closed when copying or it wont let you

    I'm a bit confused - if you're setting up a new pst file, there isn't a password needed it just gives you the option for one. I assume if you can see the mails then they're not password protected as you can't see the mails within a password protected PST until you enter the password.

    As above though if you're using Outlook for pop/imap (rather than with an Exchange server) then the mails should already be stored in a pst file.


    Just ignore the folders password. You CAN create a .pst file with password protection, but if you don't need it, just leave the password blank. I do this quite a lot at work - helps to keep all emails relating to a specific project in one place and acccessible by anyone who works on the project after I am done with it.

    After a bit of mucking around, creating "Archive Folders" and having to struggle naming them and putting them where I wanted, I found the best way (for me) is to do, in Outlook;

    Leave the selection at the default setting: 'Outlook personal folders … Leave the selection at the default setting: 'Outlook personal folders file (.pst)' and clock OKNavigate to where you want the file to be, give it a name and click OK.You'll get a new folder appear in Outlook,You can move files you want to archive into the new folder.You can close the archived folder (right click and select ) and open folders (, , then navigate to it, high;light it and click OK)

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    At the moment I cant even get into outlook, unfortunately.
    As soon as I open it, it is now saying cannot start microsoft office outlook. Unable to open the Outlook window. The set of folders could not be opened.
    I think I have put the outlook.pst and the archive.pst onto a disc but not sure what to do now.
    It isnt even asking for the password now just wont let me get into outlook at all.
    Very strange.
    Like I mentioned we will not be using this laptop for emails again so if there was a way we could just read everything that would be great.
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