How to secure elextric wire to be used for a future kitxhen Island socket?

    Currently the wire comes out of the middle of the flooring, but the wire flexing a lot and I'm concerned it will be damaged at the root rendering it useless. Can anyone advise whether a 'socket' of some sort should be attached to it at the floor level to avoid so much flexing and thereby damaging the wire itself? Thanks


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    Construct an island around it.

    More info required.

    Are you having a new kitchen installed?

    The existing cable(s) - is this/they from a previous socket outlet or a new cable installed in preparation for the island?
    Do you know what type of cable it is? Twin & earth - part of ring main? Twin & Earth - spur off ring main? Flex - from nearest socket outlet?

    Presumably the base unit for island hasn't been installed yet, and your looking to make the cable(s) safe meantime?

    Photos would help.

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    could install a floor socket like they have in offices…HAQ
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    Just terminate it into a junction box. It shouldn't really be bare anyway.

    Screwfix junction box

    Fit one of these around it and then a piece of conduit comming up, fill with expanding foam and it will hold it strong.*

    I would use some heat shrink. One over the other. Will be well stiff and protected. Buy a multi pack of sizes and just heat to shrink…951
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