How to sell a timeshare safely??

    Can anyone give advice of how best to sell on a timeshare. My wife's aunt is looking to sell hers and is already being hounded by companies wanting money to sell it for her. I'm certain almost all of them are a scam, taking fees then doing sod all to sell her timeshare.


    everyone has a very bad opinion of timeshare because of the people who sell it, but the actually principle of it is great. we had little money available when i was growing up and my parents had timeshare and we had a holiday every single year - and most years were abroad and all we had to buy were the flights, everything else was paid for...

    I have timeshare I wish to sell and in my experience the only companies who will buy it are ones wanting to take money off you for some other "holiday scheme". You can buy weeks for pennies, its the maintenace fees that kill you!
    If she just wants rid because the M Fees are too much then get in touch with the company who owns the timeshare (Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts etc) and ask to hand it back to them. She won't get anything for it but she won't be paying out again to get rid of it.
    Have a look on this website to see the dodgy ways companies have of buying your timeshare
    it has saved my time and money from "too good to be true" offers…asp

    Why would anyone get involved in timeshares in the first place? I've never heard a positive word said about them.

    I have no complaints with the timeshare process , I've owned for about 13 years now and been to some far flung places I'd probably never have been, all in good quality hotels.
    The reason I want rid of 1 of my weeks (still keeping the other one) is the annual costs are spiralling.
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