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Hey, hope someone can help. I have a few items to sell. I have previose sold a couple of thing on ebay but only on "Buy it Now". I was told by someone when putting an item on ebay, you have to keep an eye on the product you selling, and once you happy with the amonth bidded, then you got to accept it immediately, or the item does not go through as sold.

Auctions sounds more complicated. Plus what does reserce price mean. do i put in the maximum i want for the item?
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yeah tell me about it

dont forget that you also have ring all the bidders- the first bidder answers wins the auction

good luck though
What? If you place someting on ebay auction and do not put a reserve on it could go for 99p but if you put a reserve of say £20 it will only go for £20 at least it could go for £30 or more have you never seen an auction on tv?
? wtf ? An auction is an auction, unless you're a dodgy seller, you stick the item on, it ends in a specified time, highest bidder wins. You don't get to choose who or when, unless you're dodgy.
Almost always let the auction run to its finished
The reserve in the minimum you want for the item
you need to ignore what they told you, whoever has the highest bid when the auction ends wins it at that price. it is poss to end an auction early to the highest bidder at the current price but you don't need to worry about that just let the auction run until the end date
lol@the OP's advisor,that's scary advice lol
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this will help hun,ive no idea who told you that load of rubbish but ebay doesnt work like that, read the help pages hun
You have some rather dense mates !!
I'd always leave the item until the end, never end early you could have watchers waiting to see how high it will go and having a go at the very end.

If you want to sell at a minimum price, enter that price as the reserve, or start the item at that price. A reserve may put people off as they cannot see what it is unless you tell them, however a start price of £40 people can see straight away what you are willing to sell it for.

Don't watch it all the time, I've sold half a dozen items over 6 months, and most haven't had a single bid above the initial 99p until the last day, one item doubled in price in the last 10 seconds.

Good luck.
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