How to send a large sound file via internet?

    I have a large sound file (100mb) I need to send to someone abroad.

    It's obviously too large to e-mail. Is there a site I can upload it to from where they can download it?



    just upload to somewhere like megaupload or filefactory both free. then send ur mate the link

    ]Dropbox easy secure as you want it to be...

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    ]Dropbox easy secure as you want it to be...

    Dropbox is very good but requires software download - good if you are doing it frequently, not for one-off.


    megaupload or rapidshare

    [SIZE=2][COLOR=#ff0000][FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][COLOR=black]]Filemail[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT] :thumbsup:[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Several of our clients use: [url][/url]

    mega or filefactory FTW

    simply for the speeds ur mate will get without having to go premium

    ]Media Fire

    Don't even need an account to upload to this site.

    The other options are also good though so take your pick.

    You could make a private torrent but that would require downloading utorrent or similar but it is tiny in terms of file size.

    we use ] for mail larger than our mail server limit at our company.

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    Thanks for all the replies - sorted using megaupload.


    is it a virus? :lol: I'll get me coat

    If the file is not already compressed (i.e. not a mp3/aac/wma/etc) then you may want to consider doing so to reduce the file size (and therefore the upload time)..

    That's if sound quality isn't of the utmost importance.
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