How to send self addressed stamped envelope to US?

Posted 17th Sep 2008
I want to send a self addressed stamped envelope to the US. Do I put British stamps on the envelope? Or do I have to some how get American stamps? How do I know how many and what types of stamps to put on the envelope? What if I want the envelope sending back recorded?

Sorry if this sounds stupid and thanks for the reply's.
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Would think that you should need to get american stamps :?
I found this on wikipedia:

"SASEs cannot easily be used for foreign mail, since senders rarely have supplies of mint foreign stamps. Rather, International reply coupons are used, and these can be purchased over the counter at Post Offices. In many cases and as a courtesy users of IRC's also send a Self Addressed Envelope to save the receiver the cost and time of buying and filling out an envelope."

I guess ill have to ask the Post Office and see what they say.
You need to get an International Reply coupon.

Details here:…tml

Lots of rep,please!
could you not just paypal a few quid to person in USA save the hassle??
The person/company is adamant that they want the self addressed stamped envelope, god knows why. Thanks for the link virus, rep given.
Have you resolved your US stamp problem? I have new US stamps from my collection which I do not really need, and if you know the weight/dimensions of your parcel, I can post you a pre-stamped box/envelope with the correct postage. I also have friends in the US, but do not want to trouble them.
I sent a letter to my father in law in the Isle of Man, with a stamped sae for him to send me something.
When I got it back, because it was an english stamp and not a manx one, I had to pay £1 and the stamp value.
Daft thing is IOM stamps have the queens head on like ours?.
Well, IOM stamps are not valid for postage in the UK and vice-versa. Yes, because their post office is a differnt authority, different from ours and even their 1st and 2nd class are different rates too from ours - even though the queen is the same on their stamps! I was always intrigued by this initially, and I am aware that many people are not aware of this unusual setup, including some postmen themselves!

Please do have a look at this website link that explains everything clearly:…ost
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