Posted 14th Aug 2020Edited by:"yadiyada"
Our community organisation has been given a HUDL 2 (to be given to a vulnerable person in due course).

The tablet has been reset - and is now at the 'connecting' screen part of the startup process. However, whether I connect to TalkTalk wifi or to my phone's hotspot, it continues to say 'couldn't access internet' during the initial setup phase. There's no way to set it up without an internet connection...

I checked some forums - and it seems like Tesco's setup servers *may* have been turned off? Have Tesco really made this into a paperweight....or is there some way I can flash something or another via micro SD using the recovery menu?

Seems such a waste for something that is fully working to then be made obsolete by an irresponsible company...

Many thanks
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